Masters of Innovation Leadership, and Entrepreneurship

Hi! I am Victoria Price and this is my blog for discussion posts in my various MILE courses at Western University. I am seeking my Masters in the Entrepreneurship track. I received my Bachelors of Arts in English at Gardner-Webb University in the Spring of 2020.

Latest from the Blog

Harvesting (Week 6 ENT640)

Harvesting is the exit strategy for investors. It is where the successes pay out and the failures close out.  Harvesting is where the investor receives the return on the investment. If I were an investor, the walking harvest and strategic sale harvest options seem to be the best returns. Receiving money as sales and businessContinue reading “Harvesting (Week 6 ENT640)”

Support (Week 6 ENT640)

There are many different ways for investors to take part in supporting an entrepreneur and their business. They can be silent investors who offer financial support and nothing else, they can be team members, coaches, or controlling investors who take over. The type of investor one partners with is a big part of what leadsContinue reading “Support (Week 6 ENT640)”

Negotiation (Week 5 ENT640)

To negotiate, or not to negotiateā€¦ that is the question. For many investors the chance to negotiate can bring about many opportunities to further evaluate their potential investment by allowing them to see more personality traits and potential problem solving skillsā€¦ or lack thereof.  Negotiating is not something every investor will do, however, because itContinue reading “Negotiation (Week 5 ENT640)”

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